I don’t get it! Why am I still waiting?!

I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand why I am still waiting. What am I here for? I hear statements similar to this one all of the time. And my number one questions is… are you really waiting? Think about it. I think we all do it to some extent. Whether we are waiting for traffic to subside, waiting for a job offer, waiting to be an adult from a teenage who feels stuck under rules, waiting for a relationship. You are waiting your whole lifetime it feels like. Will waiting ever be more than good enough? Or will you frantically and impatiently endure the season you are in just because. Be still is more than just a figure of speech. It is more than just standing in one spot continuously. It is the total transformation of your mind that is “still” and steadfast.



We say, ” Heyyyy God! I am waiting! Don’t you see me! You are, like, the God that sees ALL, right!” Have you ever thought that maybe God is waiting on you more than you are waiting on him. Puzzling? Well let me try to explain. I believe that there is a distinct difference between waiting and being still. And I am not just talking about not moving from one place to the next, physically. I am referring to being still in our minds. 🤔

Let’s look at the definition of the word wait and still, shall we:

Wait refers to:

1.  stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens

2. used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen.

Still refers to: 

1.  not moving or making a sound.

2. deep silence and calm; stillness

3. make or become still; quieten.

4. Soothe


Waiting is not waiting but anticipating. Which is the act of expecting and predicting. I am not saying that you shouldn’t anticipate but rather I am saying that you can’t predict something that has not come to pass yet nor can you predict whether or not it will turn out the way that your mind envisioned it. Boommmmm! Did I just blow your mind or what?!

Waiting can be used wrong because we still have this plan or picture of how things should be or turn out. Impatiently staying until something else happens. Being still gives you peace during the storm. It soothes your heart when you are longing for that relationship or friendship and quiets the unwanted noise around you. So which one sounds more effective? Waiting or being still?

So, Ericka, what are you trying to say? Well, let me break it down this way through an analogy. I am sitting under a tree right now trying to get shade from the hot sun. As I look at this large tree I wonder how did it get this big! How did it grow so much? And it became clear to me through three things (there are more but for the purpose of this article I will list the ones that pertain to this post):

·    The obvious, we have to be properly nourished.

Nothing can properly grow without the right nourishment. Right? The washing of the water. Our water is whatever morals and faith that we stand on. For me, it is my Bible. I take a dose of it in the morning, a dose at night, and a few doses in between depending on my day. 

·    Being grounded. 

When I say grounded I mean grounded in our mindset. This is the big one that people often forget or they don’t seem to realize. 

Do trees grow legs and feet, get up, and walk to another location? No! They are still in one spot for years and years unless torn down or transported to another location. Their roots are anchored in that one place. Now think about if the tree did magically grow legs and feet. Or if it was transported. Because of this movement the tree has now had to undergo unnecessary stress. The roots have been snapped off from the ground now limiting it from nutrients temporarily. When it gets to in its new location, due to the stress, it now has to get re-accumulated to its new environment. 

Our minds have to be anchored y’all. If our minds are not strong believing and holding on to that thing that we desire then it will not come to pass. It will start to drift away like a boat that is not secured by the dock with an anchor. When the storm hits and the waves gets larger and larger then it will float away faster than you can blink your eyes.

When you entertain doubt during this time of stillness it is as if you reverse the possibility of the vision coming to pass. It is almost as if you have to get grounded and accumulated again, like the tree, which prolongs your growing process.

·    Grounded and grounded in good ground

It is more than just saying, ” Ericka, I am being still” and “I am waiting”. BELIEVE it wholeheartedly. 

When a tree is grounded in good soil then it is fed and grows. It knows it will be properly nourished and taken care of. Even when a big storm comes, if a tree had thoughts it wouldn’t say, “oh crap this storm might blow me way.” No! It would say something like, ” Yay! More water which will help me get stronger, fuller and I will grow!”

When we are grounded on positive thoughts and not wavering by doubt saying thoughts like, ” I’m probably not going to get that promotion now, it has been five years.” Or “I just don’t think my Mr. Right will come.” We are blown away by a little storm not realizing that the storm was never meant to blow you away but to nourish you. However, because you let go of hope just a little bit you can say bye, bye to those desires you once longed for.

My friend, a tree doesn’t grow over night. It takes years of withstanding storms and the heat from the blazing sun. It takes lots and lots of water. And lastly, it takes for it to be steadfast, grounded, and unmovable in order for the proper growth in order to prosper. 

Comment below with things that you have been “waiting” on but now you have a revelation that you need to be “grounded and still” in order to reach those desires.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita



8 thoughts on “I don’t get it! Why am I still waiting?!

  1. Bady Girl you continue to blow my mind with your blog! So enjoy reading your articles. Continue in your purpose and let no one take it away!Love Mom

    1. Thank you so much momma! You know you are like part of my #1 support system. I love you and thank you again for the feedback and reading.

  2. Last night, I had took a time out from the business of life, God whispered to me “be still. Then today I read your fabulous blog! What an amazing confirmation. Thanks for sharing & continue to “be an impact”. 🙂

    1. Wow! Praise God! I am so blessed that God used that moment to confirm the words that he spoke to you. Thank you for reading and the support!

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