OOTD: Wearing Charming Blues and Earthy Greens

I never used to think that matching different shades of the same color would be cool. However, as I have grown from my “one-sided” mindset into my “fashion-sense” I love to wear different shades of a color that is in the same family. Have you ever been like that? Where if, you wore a shirt that was navy blue then every other piece of article that you have on your body has to be that same exact color, navy blue. Not a tad bit darker and not a smidge lighter. JUSTTTTT RIGHTTTT.

Yep, *raise hand* that was me! But now all of that has changed. Fashion has evolved so much. And when I mean so much I mean soooo much! So much so, that women feel like in order to make a fashion statement you don’t have to wear clothes period. I mean Adam and Eve did it, right? *blank stare face*

Now I am not opposed to showing skin. I don’t think you have to be a nun to be fashionable, however, I do think that with everything there is a sense of beauty in modesty. When I look at fashion I look at it’s uniqueness and what sets it apart from everything else. As a fashionista who actively transforms my clothes often just to get a new outfit, (What I mean by this, is that will do something like wear a bodycon dress and slip a pleated, chiffon maxi-skirt on top of the dress to make a whole new look. One day, I will show y’all how I do this.) I have never resulted in wearing nearly zero clothing! I mean the beauty in fashion is to see actual fabric and clothing and stuff. Right? Lol.

Anywho, I am getting way off topic but today I decided to mixed a few different shades of green in my outfit with my full blue jean unit. It says “trendy” with the jean look and uniquely you with the different shades of green. Take a look at my outfit. What are outfits that you put together with different shades of the same color?


Ericka Warnita


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