I don’t get it! Why am I still waiting?!

I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand why I am still waiting. What am I here for? I hear statements similar to this one all of the time. And my number one questions is… are you really waiting? Think about it. I think we all do it to some extent. Whether we are waiting for traffic to subside, waiting for a job offer, waiting to be an adult from a teenage who feels stuck under rules, waiting for a relationship. You are waiting your whole lifetime it feels like. Will waiting ever be more than good enough? Or will you frantically and impatiently endure the season you are in just because. Be still is more than just a figure of speech. It is more than just standing in one spot continuously. It is the total transformation of your mind that is “still” and steadfast.… Read More I don’t get it! Why am I still waiting?!


Want Clear Skin? The nighttime routine that changed my life! #SelfCareSaturday

Her Nature is about defining our inner beauty but it is also important to revitalize our outer beauty in the process as well. So lets get to it!
If you saw my video on SC, I talked about Aloe Vera which is known as the “plant of immortality”. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?! Immortality means to live forever; eternal life. I don’t know about you but I want to do whatever I can do to get my hands on that because I want to live as long as possible! … Read More Want Clear Skin? The nighttime routine that changed my life! #SelfCareSaturday


Dancing your way through life

Now you may think, ‘girllllll I can’t dance my life away! I got places to go and people to see. I have bills to pay. I have school to attend and pay off. And not to mention I just don’t have the time. I just have to much going on to be dancing my life away.’ But honestly, honey, trust me when I say that you can surely dance through your life. It just all comes down to what you choose to do.… Read More Dancing your way through life


I Remember When I Was Mentally Tore Up!

After my meeting with my coach I walked upstairs because I knew no one would walk up the stairs. I was trying to avoid as much human contact as I possibly could. I went to my room, picked up my phone and there he was. I could hear his voice on the other side of the receiver infuriated. Speaking words that seemed so distant and hazy to my reality. Cutting me with razor, sharp claws like Jason on Friday the 13th. I felt like I was shrinking as small as an ant. Was I out of my mind? Maybe, but did anyone truly understand my moments of insanity. No! Or at least I thought no one did. I remember when I was emotionally tore upppp to the flooooo (flo: slang for floor) up! Literally, from the floor up.… Read More I Remember When I Was Mentally Tore Up!


Do you need a reFRESHing?…

Welllllll, yep it is happening again! I have revamped and REFRESHED my website. Not only have I refreshed my website but I have also changed my logo back to the original logo. I loved my website and the bodacious color but it all must change back to what it was intently designed to look like. I know this is probably extremely annoying because I have not stuck with the same logo and website layout for an ample amount of time in order for my readers to get a sense of my blog. But if you know me then you know that I love change especially when it comes to interior design or any type of design. You can ask anyone who has come to my “pad”. I probably change my living space at least 5 times each year. Not joking at all! Despite my love for change I understand that it might not be the best thing for me to keep changing my website so many times. This will help those of you who are not so tech savvy to find everything on my site #NoShade.… Read More Do you need a reFRESHing?…


Laying In A Bed of No Commitment

How many nights have you slept in that guy’s bed or even your own bed and felt unfulfilled. Not feeling fulfilled physically, and not even emotionally. Laying there feeling lonely. Ladies, maybe you feel like you are not doing enough to make him commit so when he calls you, you answer. You waste an ample amount of your time going out of your way to do things for this guy. And when it is all said and done he is still not budging so you find yourself back in that bed of no contentment and lies. The bed of no commitment.… Read More Laying In A Bed of No Commitment